A Word from the Vice-Chancellor

For many years, the Government of NCT of Delhi has been seeking for advanced courses in higher education, striving to offer opportunities for the students after higher secondary that will present skill training that is industry ready and employable.

The Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management started from humble beginnings. It began as the unit of Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU) with the memorandum of understanding with SITDS. The idea of initiating the courses in sports sciences changed after taking into account the National Sports Policy 2001, which in paragraph 15 states that:

"The significance of scientific back-up to sports stands well established. Accordingly, action will be initiated to strengthen this area, in accordance with international standards. Experts would be associated with each sports discipline or group of sports disciplines, on a continuing basis, to provide the requisite support in terms of nutrition, psychology, medicine, pharmacology, physiology, biomechanics, and anthropometry as well as other branches of sports sciences. Suitable mechanisms would be introduced to achieve coordination between the laboratory and the field, that is, between the coaches and the sports scientists, and particular care is taken to ensure nutritional support to talented sportspersons and to sustain their mental health and competitive spirit."

The first university of India, Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University, is proud to say that B.Sc. (Hons.) in Sports Sciences is the first of its kind course throughout the country. The university takes pride in this fact, even though a lot of universities, institutes, colleges, and alike offer the same courses associated to sports.

The majority of these institutions are created to prepare the teachers for sports education in schools. A few of these newly launched courses have focused on either management of sports and sports therapy. Some focused on sports physiotherapy or sports medicine. The content of these courses exists in xylose.

On the other hand, our B.Sc. (Hons.) in Sports, Sciences is a one-of-a-kind course that combines not just the fundamentals of sports as a science, but it also includes management. It introduces sports digitalization, talent search, and fitness assessment to support the sports sector as a whole and not just to focus on Physical Education Teacher preparation in the country.

It’s also worth mentioning that the global sports market is currently more than $1 trillion. India has one to three percent share on this. The global sports sector is, no doubt, a multi-billion dollar sector that is increasingly growing at a fast rate.

The sports industry in India is also rapidly growing, along with experts and professionals securing the growth rates to higher than eighteen percent per annum. Therefore, courses in this field are targeted to offer the platform to turn around the picture in the country, similar to what the pharmaceutical industry have accomplished.

The unit of Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management has not just presented a platform to market the sports in the University. It has also become one of the few centres of the World Class Skill Development Courses (WCSC). We had started two courses in sports-oriented programs:

  • Certificate in Sports Digitization & Performance Management.
  • Certificate in Sports Fitness & Yoga Application.

We take pride in the advanced equipment we have procured for the sports science labs including:

  • Iso-kinetic machine.
  • Body Composition Analyzer.
  • Timing Gates.
  • Lung Function Tester.
  • Electromagnetic Motion Capture System..

Our students are provided internship opportunities in Pullela Gopichand Academy, Delhi Capitals, Sports Fiesta, Sports Medico, allsport.in, HTC Sports, I-rocket and Decathlon, where 45 student internships were paid.

For any kind of sports, it’s not only the sportsperson who make the sporting event a huge success. Instead, it is all about the individuals too, including the nutritionists, infrastructure managers, dieticians, event managers, and others who help in making the sporting event a huge success.

Here at the Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management, we are composed of a talented team of technical specialists and sports professionals who have long years of experience in performance tracking and sports talent identification.

Our institution strives to train individuals, so they become skilled in the aforementioned professionals. Along with a knowledgeable, trained, and reliable team, I am confident that we can help our students in accomplishing their dreams to work in the sports industry, resulting in the growth of the overall sports sector in the country. I want to take this opportunity to invite applications from aspirants to take up careers related to sports.

Professor K. Goyal (PH.D.)

Vice-Chancellor Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU)
A Word from the Hon. Director

The athletes in the country have been contending at the global level, and we saw how their performance have been improving. However, it’s unfortunate that it’s not up to the level at which Indian talent could be justified with more than a population of 1.3 billion, not to mention that the average age of Indian is 29 years old. 0 to 14 years old is 35.3%, and below eighteen years old is 41%. We think our country should be doing much better when it comes to sports.

According to a report published by KPMG’s Business of Sport:
"The country's sports sector is going through a significant transition. In February 2016, the government accorded industry status to sports infrastructure, which is expected to attract investments from the private sector, thereby not limiting its role to just Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and non-profit organisations."

We truly believe that Research and Development is the answer to this advancement. Here at ASSRM, we have undergraduate programs that have performed numerous research projects. Currently, we are working on several development initiatives.

On top of that, our graduate programs have been structured to integrate digitalisation and technology. We are proud to say that we are currently in the process of securing international partnerships too. Our students go through internships and industrial training throughout their B.Sc. program. That allows them to become industry-ready after they graduate.

Mr. Anshul Bagai

Director Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management (ASSRM)
A Word from the Chairman

It’s a great pleasure for me to announce that the Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management is working in partnership and under the guidance of Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU).

ASSRM was founded by the Sports Infrastructure and Talent Development Society in collaboration with DPSRU from 2017 to 2018. The three-year degree course under the guidance of DPRSU prepares the students to take up the challenge of preparing the young people of India to partake in different sports events at state, national, and global levels.

I am aware it’s still a new program. However, I am confident enough that the learning tools, training, and infrastructure presented by DPSRU are of top-quality, allowing students to achieve higher levels of practical and theoretical knowledge. This knowledge will help them in building a treasure of young Indians who will help bring greater sporting honours to the nation.

Our (ASSRM) effort has been welcomed with honours from a wide array of sectors, including the Delhi government. It was a huge honour for us that the Honourable Deputy Chief Minister and the Higher Education Minister of Delhi Government Mr. Manish Sisodia paid a visit to our institution. It was the time during the first academic year of the new degree course. They valued the efforts of SITDS and DPSRU apart from providing valuable support in the continuance of accomplishing their goals.

Due to the amazing work done by our institution, the Delhi Government has made the decision to add a one-year certificate program in the academic year of 2018 to 2019. It would be called "Certificate in Sports Fitness & Yoga Application" and "Certificate in Sports Digitalization and Performance Management."

We can see a massive demand arising in the sports industry as the global market is heading towards a trillion-dollar market. Moreover, the country doesn’t even represent one percent of the world’s market share. Therefore, our country has one way to go for more participation to claim a better share in the world sporting market, particularly with world level performances in the fields of table tennis, kabaddi, cricket, badminton. Thus, more and more parents are encouraging their kids to take up sports at a competitive level.

For instance, P. Gopichand has transformed the perception of Indians by producing players and athletes of the level of Shrikant, P.V. Sandhu, and Saina Nehwal. The massive success of the Kabaddi leagues has provided an impetus to our traditional sports at block and village levels.

Our goal at Sports Infrastructure and Talent Development Society (SITDS) is to bring in the EDGE along with the application of sports sciences. We strive to help young players and athletes get the extra leeway to accomplish their dreams by building sports scientists to further support in determining talent and groom them in a scientific way.

Mr. R.P. Bagai IAS (Retd.)

Chairman of Sports Infrastructure and Talent Development Society (SITDS) (Former Chief Secretary Government of Chhattisgarh)

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