A constituent institute of Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU)

Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management

The Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management is a research institute whose mission is to have a positive global, economic, and social effect on the sports through excellent engineering research, enterprise and teaching.

Our Vision

To become the leading destination for research, training, and education in Sports Sciences and Management. We strive to support the application of sports science, catering to the health and fitness requirements of a diverse population.

Our Mission

To gear students with the necessary operational management tools and research proficiencies to ascertain their employability in industries, institutes, and communities associated to sports.

Our Core Objectives

The Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management strives to accomplish the following:

  • To help improve the sports sector in India.
  • To establish innovation in sports technology with the help of emerging technological tools.
  • To offer infrastructure facilities which will help students assess, interpret and support research in the field of sports.
  • To offer the necessary skills training, allowing students to earn professional expertise needed to help sports organizations and athletes to build excellence in sports.
  • To build academic knowledge, which would support the sports sector in the country.

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