Our Infrastructure
  • The infrastructure of the school is always connected with quality and learning. Thus, a sound and good infrastructure is the basic and essential requirement. Infrastructure is always connected to a specific goal.
  • We at the Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management have managed the infrastructure in such a manner so that it caters to our goals.
  • As part of our commitment to pursuing excellence and presenting our students a school experience, which allows them to maximise their learning experience, we have been founded to offer the facilities they need to explore their skills.
  • Sports are a vital area of interest for our students, and our developing facilities offer them the facilities they need to establish their competencies.

Computer Lab

ASSRM offers the practical experience of IT requirements along with the best devices.



Our classrooms are well-equipped for the needs of every student.



We offer our students the latest gym equipment to support a healthy environment.


Audio-Visual Lab

Our in-house AV room offers the best of sporting visual knowledge to every student. This is optimised for group activities, workshops, seminars, and presentations that need the flexibility of space.


Outdoor Sports Facility

This is composed of Cricket, Volleyball, and Basketball ground, offering our students an opportunity to take an active part in sports.

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