Certification Programmes

Modernisation of P&HE/PET’s Advanced Training Skills Programme

This is a training program to establish quality sports at the grass-root level by making a cohort of competent and well-trained physical education and sports coaches.


  • Physical Literacy Program for Grass-Root Level Sports Staff and Physical Education Teachers.
  • Advanced Training Skills Program.
  • Modernisation and upgradation of Physical and Health Education Trainers (PHE/PET’s).

Why Train the Trainers?

  • We should empower our physical education teachers and sports coaches with skills, helping them take an interest in sports and physical fitness amongst youth for the India Mission.
  • We should re-energise physical literacy in our nation through structured sports education programs.
  • Enhance the efficacy of the performance of students.
  • Build healthy habits among students and help them to take the proper nutritional diet.
  • Evaluate the student’s level of performance and help them accomplish the next level.
  • Guide the P&HE/PETs to learn the global standards of coaching and training.
  • Boost the competency of P&HE/PETs.
  • Gauge the potential of the students to be athletes.
  • Enhance the efficacy of the student’s performance.
  • Sports won’t progress if we don’t begin training youth at the grass-root level on physical and health fitness.

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