Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Sports Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Sports Management
Duration - Two Years Seats - 120 Only Eligibility - 10 + 2 in Science (Higher Secondary)

Diploma in Sports Pharmacy offers expertise and knowledge that will allow sports scientists, sports coaches, and players to prevent taking outlawed substances. Sports pharmacists will help them learn the nutrients or alternative recourse that will help them boost their sports performance and take the players to their optimum potential.

Duration - Three Years Seats - 120 Only Eligibility - 10 + 2 in Science (Higher Secondary)

This diploma course is an inclusive two-year full-time specialised management program, digging into the professional aspects of Sports Event Management, Sports Infrastructure Management, and Fitness Management.

The program is composed of topics about leadership in sports management, including but not limited to performance assessment of players.

This specialisation aims to explore the professional aspects of sports event management like sports championship and sports league subjects that are focused on management programs in the sports domain.

This program involves studies covering leadership in sports management. Our full-time sports event management specialisation with an internship program is an important aspect of a thriving career in Sports Event Management.

This is a portion of a 2-year full-time specialised management program, exploring the professional aspects of sports infrastructure management. This is ideal for students who want to make sports facilities management and maintenance as their full-time profession.

It’s estimated the country has over 5,000 blocks, district sports centres, state sports centres, multi-gyms, and fitness centres.

Diploma in Fitness Management course is intended to be very important in building skills to be a trainer and instructor in training of gym and fitness or sports nutrition.


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